The Supreme Court is Wrong

I had a recent conversation with a gun-owner friend of mine. The conversation drifted to support Donald Trump and the urgency for all gun owners to fight for the 2nd Amendment (2A) by voting Trump. I was amazed he commented, “Oh, Hillary can’t do anything about the 2A because the Republican dominated Congress.” Folks, he could not be MORE WRONG! Gun Owner and 2nd Amendment Supporters, please get your FACTS straight!

It dawned on me that many citizens do not understand the implications of a Clinton Presidency on 2A. Let’s set Hillary’s numerous charter flaws aside for now (believe me that is very hard for me), and concentrate on Clinton Presidency’s impact on 2A.

With the sad recent passing of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, where he cast the decisive tie-breaking vote of the landmark case of Heller v. District of Columbia. In this THE MOST important decision for gun owners, it stated “The 2nd Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.

The current Supreme Court vote on Pro 2A issues is two vs. two. The next President will appoint the fifth Supreme Court Justice that will break the tie. Hillary does not NEED to “abolish the 2nd Amendment”; all she needs is to appoint an anti-gun Supreme Court Justice to over turn Heller v. District of Columbia so she can change “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” as applicable to military , National Guards and police only, NOT individual citizens!

I hope this short blog post will help some folks that don’t believe that we as gun owners are in a fight for our ever threatened Constitutional Rights.  Please share and vote Trump!

Why Do We Need Guns?

Why We Need GunsTo all my liberal friends who do not understand why Conservatives are “Pro Gun”, here is a quick summery for you: Please like and share!

If you own a Firearm or Wish to Preserve 2nd Amendment, you need this info (please share)

Hillary on 2A I apologize this article is bit long, but we are dealing with a very complex subject, I think it is worth your time to read it.

Preface-Here is some facts to set the stage (I have include links to various sources):

1.    The Second Amendment of Constitution: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.“

2.    Self Defense: An Inalienable Right to use force in order to preserve lives.

3.    Supreme Court Rules on June 27, 2005 that Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.

Which seems to me that we cannot count on the over-worked and under resourced police to save us; it is up to each of us to defend ourselves and our love ones!

4.    The national average 911 response time11-12 minutes.

How many lives could be lost during the 10-11 minutes prior to police arrival?

It is painfully shown by our recent tragic events of “Active Killers” at several “Gun Free Zones” (Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Columbine, Orlando, Nice, Paris, Brussels…), hundreds of lives were lost because the victims were unable to defend themselves.

5.    There are 14.5 million law-abiding gun owners in US and over one million in Texas that have been vetted and issued concealed carry permits; these armed citizens are the “First Responders” that have in the past and will save lives in the future.

Several of my friends are confused about how “Hellary” can destroy our firearm ownership if she is elected as President.  In this article, I will provide as many sources as I can to backup my statements.  It is worth your while to spend a few minutes read the material and be informed as a Pro 2nd Amendment person.  Please share this information with your circle of influence. Here is my view on the subject:

Bear in mind that “Hellary” already said that “A National Gun Buyback Program Is ‘Worth Considering” (  Here is a take from NRA on “Hellary” hypocrisy,

Many people do not believe “Hellary” cannot do much in repeal the 2nd Amendment since it will require Congressional approval. Especially  “Hellary” said on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 during her camping stop at Denver Colorado ( “I do not want to repeal the 2nd Amendment”. She is actually honest for a change that she does not need to repeal the 2nd Amendment in order for her to destroy gun ownership.  Here are at least two ways where if elected as President she can totally eliminates our gun rights:

1.    “Hellary” can issue various anti-gun Executive Orders ( restrict or eliminate gun rights therefore bypass the Congress completely.

Hillary on 2A12.    Our next President will appointment at least one new Supreme Court justices to replace our beloved Judge Scalia ( who was instrumental in the landmark 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller decision. In this decision the Supreme Court of the United States held in a 5-4 decision that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution applies to federal enclaves and protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.
It is important to note that nearly half of the court-four of the eight remaining Supreme Court justices has served on it for 20 to 30 years and are either over the age of 80 or approaching it.  As you can see, if “Hellary” stacked the Supreme Court with anti-2nd Amendment justices, these extreme liberals can simply “reinterpret” the 2nd Amendment of the Right to Bear Arms is not for individual citizens but it is intended for a regulated militia (National Guards) and military.  This is so important that people need to realize the impact is not just next four or eight years of “Hellary” Presidency, it is the next 30-40 years of our Nation’s gun laws as per newly appointed Supreme Court justices by “Hellary”.

Please spend some time to research the subject and share this information if you agree. Let’s defeat “Hellary” and elect Donald Trump!

I was interviewed on Handgun World Podcast

Hey, everyone, I was interviewed on Bob Mayne’s Handgun World Podcast. Check out this cool episode: Hey, everyone, I was interviewed on Bob Mayne’s Handgun World Podcast. Check out this cool episode:

Gun Safety Seminars for our Soldiers

Ft Bliss Safety Sem1

I want to thank SSG. Pete Castillo for inviting me to conduct Gun Safety Seminars for about 300 soldiers at Ft. Bliss this morning. It was my honor and pleasure to be able to share my knowledge with our soldiers on a subject I am intimately familiar with. I wish all our soldiers best of luck and stay safe.

Ft Bliss Safety Sem3

Welcome Glock 17R to the Family

Glock17R-001Just added this rare Glock 17R (Reset) as one of my teaching tools. It is 100% safe as there are several holes drilled into the barrel and without firing pin hole. BTW, I have been dry-practice with it, it is nice not to have to rack the slide after each trigger pull. All other controls works just like a regular G17.

Liar Liar Pants On Fire-Hillary done it again!

How is possible FBI recommends ‘No Charge”?

Hillary wants to ban guns because no average citizen needs it?

Hillary Secret ServiceI will support her hypercritical ideals if she leads by example by disarming taxpayer paid Secret Service details for her, Bill and Chelsea.

The secret service they enjoyed for the past 26 years uses firearms to protect their lives is somehow not suitable for the peasants who have to pay for their safety? This is hypocrisy at the highest level!


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Gun-Free Zone or Victim Disarmament Zone

Gun ban folks don’t live in reality. The two cartoons said all.

Gun Free Zone Gun Free Zone1

Watch this debate to see how irrational the leftists are saying in order take away our defensive tools.