Texas License to Carry (Concealed Carry) Prep Class


This private/couple Prep Class is specifically designed for people new to shooting and perhaps unfamiliar with the pistol they have recently purchased. The goal of this class is to help individuals to improve their skills and pass the Texas LTC Proficiency Test. This is a 2.5 hour class taking place at the Far East desert. Students will not only learn the items on the following list; they will also shoot the Texas LTC Proficiency Test. The course is taught on an individual or small group basis available anytime during the weekday or weekend.

Student Reviews:

Michelle Nicole: Attended Bens LTC Prep class and he is an amazing instructor! I have never before used a handgun and by the end of his lesson I feel confident enough to do so. He’s very patient and informative.

Too see more reviews, please go to https://www.facebook.com/pg/ElPasoLicensetoCarry/reviews/?ref=page_internal


Cost of the Class is $120 per person or $200 couple

Students will need to bring eye, ear protection, semi-auto or revolver and 200 rounds of factory ammo.  You can rent a pistol from us for $10, rent a holster and mag pouch for $10 and purchase 200-round 9mm ammo for $60 (all other calibers will be $80).

Topics to be covered include:

* Firearm Safety                                                                     *  Muzzle Awareness and Discipline

* How a Modern Pistol Works                                                 *  Safe way to Load and Unload

* Low Ready Position                                                             *  Ammo Management

* Grips and Stance                                                                  * Sight Alignment

* Time Management                                                               *  Scoring

* Shooting the Texas LTC Proficiency Test                            *  Range Command


Please pay for the course below then email us at ben at epltc dot com with your name, phone #, email address, gun model, ammo and shooting experience.

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