Private Intro Class for New Gun Owners

Cost: $100 for two hours (1 person) or $175 for two persons

Where: Far East El Paso Desert

When: You choose the time subject to availability

Intro Class for new Gun Owners is an affordable, 2-hour private class designed to teach new gun owners about gun safety and shooting fundamentals.

Since it is a private class, the student can choose the date and the two-hour block subject to my availability.

You can either bring your own gun, 150-rds ammo, gear (holster, 3 magazines and two mag pouches) or you can rent a Glock 17, gear (holster, 3 agazines, two mag pouches)  and purchase ammo from us. $10 for gun rental fee, $10 for gear (a total of 3 magazines, a holster and double mag pouches), and $45 for the 150-rds 9mm ammo ($60 for all other calibers) for each person.


Student Reviews:

Felipe Silva: Wife and I had a private session with Ben this week. He is an amazing instructor because he takes the time to explain and demonstrate the fundamentals of shooting, immediate feedback, and gun safety. In addition, his teaching methods are pragmatic and throughout the course build on the basics to help you become a better shooter including ways in which to practice at home. We really enjoyed this private session with Ben.


In an effort to minimize the chances of training criminals and terrorists, a proof of work-related of background check (such as a teacher, insurance/real estate agent, nurse…etc) or a Texas LTC license, any other State issued CCW license, Active Military ID, Retired Military, First Responder ID, LEOs and Spouses will be required. Please contact me if you have any question on this requirement.



Please pay for the course below then email us at ben at epltc dot com with your name, phone #, email address, gun model, ammo, shooting experience as well as the above “Prequisite Info”.

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